Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Around the World in One Post

This post features art from my travels from different parts of the world.  I recently took a trip to Europe in the fall of 2019,visiting four different countries (five counting my change of planes in the Netherlands).

The Choro Trail18 x 24 in
Oil on Canvas

This painting portrays the Choro Hike in Bolivia.  Notice how the viewer is drawn in by the winding
road.  The viewer feels as though they can just walk in and hike that trail .  The llama in the distance is watching the viewer.  

The Small Town 
24 x 30 in
Oil on Canvas

This painting is modeled after a small village in Germany called Oberdaschdessen.  Notice the beautiful summer day in the town, yet not a single person is outdoors.  Where are they?  Consumed by their jobs?  Perhaps they're all just indoors preoccupied with electronic devices that they had forgotten how to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors?

Lake Geneva 
24 x 36 in
Oil on Canvas

Lake Geneva is in Switzerland (although it also shares the border with France).  The viewer gets a sense of tranquility as if they are by this lake.  But the peacefulness may not last long as the clouds indicate a storm coming.  

Cloudy Paradise
36 x 24 in
Oil on Canvas

The Swiss Alps as they appear on a cloudy day.  Here, the viewer can be drawn into a meditative state after a long stressful day.   The mountain peak appears as though it reigns over the entire landscape.  

Green Alps
28 x 22 in
Oil on Canvas

As the clouds fade out and more of the sun comes out, we see more lighting and a sense of relief.  While the previous piece may represent humanity as it tries to find solace during darker times, this piece shows things improving as things get brighter.