Sunday, July 6, 2014


I'm having a heatwave in my area at the moment.  Here are some great pieces to enjoy for those of you who may be experiencing 90 to 100 degree weather.

Nude - Conte Crayon 11x14 in.

Nude with Blue Background - 9x12 in Watercolor

Yungas Mountains - Oil on Canvas 24 x 30 in.

Nude on Pillow - Watercolor 9 x 12 in.

Westside of the House - Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 in.

Spirit Mound Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 in.

Cow Skull with Onion and Lilac - Oil on Canvas 20 x 30 in.

Blue Nude - Colored Pencil 11 x 14 in.

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